Our Guide to The Ultimate Baked Shamembert

“What’s the best cheese to attract bears with? Camembert!”

Brie-lieve me, we love all things punny. 

We also love getting tagged in your posts (what a segway…) and have noticed the rising popularity of baked shams recently. As the temperature cools and the days shorten, we thought we’d put all our vegan cheese-eating experiences to good use and share the full lowdown - so that you can brighten up an evening in. Read on for how to bake it, top it, serve it  - and what to do with any cheeseboard leftovers (what leftovers?)! 

Can you eat it raw?

Definitely - smush it over a cracker! Although the popular choice, you don’t have to bake your sham. With it’s authentic rind and creamy, truffle infused flavour, it’s rich and indulgent as it is - just as you’d expect from a camembert, the staple of any cheeseboard! Because we get it, sometimes the wait to bake is just too long!

How long should you bake it for? 

If you’re going all in for the baked experience, this is our go-to ‘recipe’: 

  • Preheat the oven to 180c 
  • Lightly brush your sham with olive oil and place on a foil lined baking tray, or in a small oven-proof dish 
  • Pierce the rind on top with a sharp knife a few times. 
  • Bake for approximately 14 minutes /until it’s golden brown and then tuck in!

What about toppings? 

Up your game by adding some tasty toppings before you bake…

  • Nestle in a few cloves of garlic and sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme for extra flavour
  • Or, if you’re out  to to impress (yourself included!) try baking it with garlic and adding some caramelised red onions (cooked in balsamic) for a real treat
  • And why not try a festive bake? Add some dried cranberries and salted walnuts or pecans, along with a little thyme and olive oil - delicious (we think..).

Serving Recommendations? We’ve got you covered...

Is there anything that doesn’t taste better dipped in gooey, creamy cheese? Crusty bread, veggie sticks, crackers, vegan sausages… you name it, we’ve tried it. And if we had to choose, we think chunks of garlic bread are a game changer (in our humble,  garlic-loving opinion). 

Got leftovers? Woah…

We can’t say we usually have the willpower to leave any for later, but if you do - or if you’re looking to try something different to a baked sham, try out our super simple sham nachos recipe for a quick Friday night dinner - or our go-to pesto, red pepper & sham sourdough toastie recipe. 


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