How it started

Honestly Tasty, a plant based food start-up in Haringey, was founded by Mike when his veganism came up against his love for cheese. After months of experimenting, Mike landed on a winner, Veganzola (now known affectionately, as 'Blue'). At that point, Mike closed the door on corporate banking and founded Honestly Tasty.

Starting in Granny Joyce's kitchen and progressing to much larger production, Honestly Tasty has still remained a family affair, with Mike's sister Beth joining him to run the show.

Fast forward a couple of years and we now offer a range of authentic cheese alternatives, available online and via our wonderful stockists.

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What We Believe In

We are proud to say that all our produce is ethically sourced and our supply chain is transparent. All our products are 100% vegan which means no nasty animal stuff can be found in any of our cheeses and allows us to stand up for what we believe in: preventing the exploitation of animals and doing our bit for the planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

Giving back is a key ethos to Honestly Tasty. We currently donate 2% of all profits charity, including a contribution to The Dean Farm Trust, a community-run animal sanctuary in Wales.