An Honestly Tasty BBQ

As the bank holiday weekend draws near and payday is just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends, family, and, of course, fantastic food. Whether the British weather decides to cooperate or not, we've got the ultimate guide to hosting a BBQ that sizzles with fun and flavour, all featuring Honestly Tasty's award-winning plant-based cheese. Ensure your BBQ is a hit, regardless of the rain 👀.

Some recipe inspo if you brave the BBQ:

(That'll work just as well for any indoor celebrations!)

  • Smokin' bree sliders: grill your fave vegan burgers (to cut into bite size bits that it'll fit in a mini bun). Once flipped, add a chunk of bree or shamembert to melt on top - then warm your buns and sandwich together with a good dolliop of ketchup or vegan mayo. Super easy to assemble and a great way to keep everyone snacking if you're tight on grill space! 
  • Blue cheese stuffed shrooms: another easy-peasy-cheesy option, if you're steering clear of plant-based meats. Remove the stems from any large mushrooms, drizzle with oil and fill with a chunk of blue cheese. Season, sprinkle with a little minced garlic, and grill until tender. Garnish with parsley, and serve. Not a blue cheese fan? Check our garlic and herb mushrooms here, which you could also cook on the grill!
  • BBQ Camembert: you can absolutely BBQ our Shamembert! Stick some foil under it so the ooey-gooey delights don't get lost in your embers, and leave it on low and slow to heat through. We've not tried it yet, but think you could add it to the grill directly for a few mins, to get that delicious charred effect!
  • If you end up indoors, turn our Shamembert into a fondue! Who doesn't love a dip?! Remove the rind and melt the cheese in a pot, over a gentle heat, stirring in a splash of vegan milk / cream to improve the texture. Season with black pepper and serve surrounded by your choice of dippers.
  • Garlic & Herb Potato Skins: crispy potato skins filled with our herby cheese are a comforting choice that’s easily made in the oven or on the grill. Slice your spuds in half and hollow them, brush them with oil and season them before baking or grilling until crispy (to speed things up, you could parboil them for 10 mins or so, until a fork can just about go through!). Fill with Garlic & Herb cheese, return to the heat briefly, then garnish with herbs and serve.

Some other dishes we'd recommend...


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