Hot dogs with Vegan Camembert

Serves 1

Incredibly easy and honestly tasty, rustle up party snack in minutes or create an easy meal for all to enjoy - in just a few simple steps. 

Anyone ever questioned why it's called a hot dog and not a sandwich? What's the fine line? What criteria must be met?! In any case, we can of course assure you that absolutely no pups were harmed in the making of these tasty plant-based treats. 

They're totally customisable and easy to put together, and toppings and fillings can range from easy peasy to a little bit lavish. For these, we used our vegan camembert sliced into thick chunks, but any cheese works! In the past, we've made a vegan blue cheese sauce to create 'buffalo hot dogs' or a simple cheddary cheese sauce with our trusty ched spread (melts a treat!).

We caramelised red onions until they were sticky and sweet and go really well with our Vegan Camembert (but you could change this up and use white onions instead, slowly caramelised and with a little added soy or miso for an extra umami hit). 

Then on top of that we dolloped our favourite chutney and sprinkled over some extra spring onion - for a little crunch, and... erm.. greens?! 

As far as the meat-free sausages go, that is of course up to you! We've all got our favourites and find that different ones work with different toppings and condiments... so you can make the same meal over and over without getting bored. Bonus!


Hot dog buns (brioche if you fancy)

Plant-based spread / butter alternative

Vegan sausages

Red onions

Chutney / relish

Honestly Tasty Plant Based Cheese

Hot dogs with Vegan Camembert


1. To caramelise your onions, slice them up and add to melted vegan butter - over a low heat. They'll caramelise slowly and you can probably leave them, stirring occasionally, whilst you prep the rest of the meal.
2. Cook your sausages, based on the pack instructions
3. Assemble by slathering extra butter into your bun and nestling your sausage in the middle
4. Slice up wedges / chunks of vegan camembert (our shamembert) and push them down the side. You could definitely then pop these under the grill to melt a little!
5. Sprinkle over the caramelised onions, some sliced up spring onion for a little crunch, and a few dollops of a good chutney or relish
6. Enjoy! Super easy, honestly tasty.

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