Whether you’re a seasoned vegan, or this is your first time giving Veganuary a go - we reckon it’s tastier than ever before. There’s a wealth of plant-based and vegan choices available these days, and whether you’re trying meat free Mondays or going the whole (vegan) hog, there’s a lot to go crackers for. We’re always here for your cheesy cravings, but asked around the team to see what other vegan products they recommend you try...

Mike was first up, and as Honestly Tasty was born out of his adamance not to settle for inferior vegan alternatives - when he gives a glowing recommendation, we know to take it! When Mike discovered THIS isn’t bacon plant based rashers, we almost staged an intervention (else we swore there’d be none left for anyone else to try). His flatmates will vouch for the ‘Sunday morning kitchen smell’ that lingered (gloriously) all week long… interjected only by the wafting smell of Moving Mountains plant-based sausages!

“If it survives in the kitchen long enough, it makes a great vBLT - with crusty bread if I’ve got it but I’m not fussed, the rashers speak for themselves. Otherwise I might put together a toastie with a few rashers and a generous chunk of shamenbert.
Also, for a sweeter treat, check out LoveRaw. Beth gave me their creamy hazelnut wafers at Christmas and having missed Kinder Buenos a lot - these were just sublime!”

Elsewhere at Honestly Tasty, Ailis looks after our lovely team and customers. She has eyes on anything that’ll impact your experience with HT - as we grow, we’re all about building a community full of you wonderful people, so she’s more than likely who you’ll speak to at the moment if you have a query or question. When she’s not at her computer, chances are she’s in her kitchen and as Ailis stopped eating meat when she was four (it only took one farm visit!) she’s spent years experimenting with meat-free protein... awful tasting plant based alternatives, but thankfully, some pretty yummy ones too:

“I recently introduced Linda McCartney’s meatballs to my ‘meat-eating’ other half, and they were a winner! We knocked up a quick arrabiata sauce, fried the meatballs and added them together with recently discovered ‘bucatini’ pasta (it’s like spaghetti but better!). I’m a real snacker too, so there’s always room for a couple of crackers after, loaded with insteddah cheddah and an apple sliced up on the side.
If you’re giving #Veganuary a go, I recommend treating yourself. Don’t think of it as compromising when you’re stepping up your game - make the most of recommendations, and an incredibly friendly community. Oh, I also can’t get enough of Oatly’s creme fraiche! SO good in pasta sauces, and their ice cream is AMAZING. We’ve actually just bought some of their greek style yoghurt, so I’m thinking about how to use that next...”

Next up - Kathryn, she’s in charge of making our cheese look as good as it tastes. From creating recipes to concocting ideas for leftovers - she’s got us all covered and ready to make the most of Veganuary.

“When I get asked that (predictable) question about what I miss as a vegan, I find it hard to think of an answer! It definitely helps that my close pal Alice is a super talented plant-based baker (and the brains and taste buds behind Hey Lovely Buns) so I might be biased, but if you need a sweet fix for Veganuary, I don’t think you’ll regret ordering from there! Try the cinnamon buns, or a batch of her gooey hazelnut chocolate cookies.
Of course, what always comes next is “but what about cheese?!” at which point I smugly point them towards Honestly Tasty’s website. Shamenbert stole my heart instantly - it’s delicious on crackers or baked with rosemary and garlic… but I like to get a bit more creative - usually starting with a toastie. Thick slices of The Dusty Knuckle’s potato sourdough, plenty of vegan butter (nothing compares to Naturli’s vegan block) and onion chutney - it’s so good! It’s also great on top of a bowl of fully loaded nachos, with extra helpings of jalepenõs and guac. And recently, I’ve taken to ordering a marinara pizza from Franco Manca or Yard Sale and adding some sham on top - for a real hit of rich, cheesy goodness!” 


Let us know what you discover this month, and stay tuned for more recommendations from the rest of our team. And, if you’ve whipped up any cheesy creations worth sharing (they all are!) drop us a message on social and we’ll share it round



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