Cranberry, Shamembert and Bacon Festive Toastie


  • 1-2 tbsp cranberry sauce
  • Honestly Tasty Shamembert
  • 2 slices of vegan bacon
  • 2 x slices sourdough or bread
  • Vegan butter or spread


Start by putting some vegan bacon in a frying pan and cooking as per the instructions, until nice and crispy. Once cooked, a place to the side and put your frying pan back on medium heat.

Spread both slices of bread generously with butter on both sides. Once hot, add your bread to the pan to brown a little on one side and then flip. To one piece of bread, spread your cranberry sauce, and to the other, add a generous serving of Sham and your cooked bacon on top. Add the slice with cranberry sauce on top of other and sandwich together.

Place a smaller frying pan lid on top of your toastie to add some pressure and get the bottom nice and crisp! Cook for a couple of minutes on one side until golden brown - flip, repeat and serve!


Cranberry, Sham and Bacon Festive Toastie

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