Styling a cheeseboard

Whether you want to impress your pals with a plant-based spread, prove to your family that plant-based doesn't mean having to compromise, or just give yourself a metaphorical and scrumptious pat on the back, styling a cheeseboard can be a little bit of fun.

First and foremost - you need some seriously good dairy free cheese on the board and we’ve got you covered!) and as long as you have crackers and something a little sweet or fruity - it's hard to go wrong. That said, if you fancy pulling out a few more stops, we've put together a guide for you. With notes on our favourite cracker/chutney combos and tips on curating the board itself - you'll be set to show off and might even regret it when you see just how popular you become!! 

Our Award-Winning Blue

An authentically blue vegan cheese that’s matured over time - made with real Penicillium Roqueforti. It’s almond based, so smooth but firm, and with all of the distinct blue taste that you’ve been missing! We love to pair our Blue with Rubies In The Rubble’s pear & fig relish. The slow cooked pears and warming spices go perfectly with the creamy blue cheese (and the Rubies team gain bonus points by working with UK farmers to gather up ‘imperfect’ pears and fight against food waste). 

Our Best-selling Shamembert

Our Shamembert just won best vegan cheese at The Vegan Food & Living awards! Styled on a classic camembert it's creamy and indulgent, encased in a rind. Perfect for smearing a chunk on a cracker, or baking in the oven (find our guide here) for a seriously ooey, gooey feast.

Our Crowd-Pleasing Ched Spread

A spreadable mature cheddar alternative; sharp and tangy but soft in texture, it was made to be piled high on a cracker. If you’re a fan of a Ploughman’s board, we’re sure you’ll love pairing it with a classic apple chutney, or even a good spoonful of Piccalilli.

Our Heavenly Garlic & Herb

Our vegan alternative inspired by Boursin, this gournay stle cheese is an absolute all-rounded. Pair it with fresh figs of pears, or a fruity chutney to bring out all of the herby, garlicky goodness!


Call us crackers, but we get real serious when it comes to finding the perfect vehicle for cheeses and chutney. If you opt for an oozy, baked sham then tearing off chunks of crusty bread is hard to beat, but if we’re talking cheeseboards - crackers are must.

Extra Snacks

Now that you’ve nailed the cheese, crackers and chosen a chutney, why stop there? There are a couple of sides that we rely on to take our cheeseboard game from good to great (or heavenly!). Deliciously salty olives are a must for us, alongside a mixture of grapes to sweeten the deal - classic suggestions for good reason. But dark chocolates that almost crunch add something to the mix. In season fruits, or a chunk of quince jelly. Pickled onions? That one's up to you!

vegan cheeseboard

Styling Your Board

With such an array of tasty treats piled onto your board - it’s sure to look drool-worthy. But, if you’re really looking to wow, we have a couple of tips to help you step up your game: 

  1. Start by placing the cheeses (a mix of full pieces and hearty chunks) at random around the board
  2. Add in a choice of crackers or small chunks of bread - either in lines or stacks, dotted between the cheeses and ready for dipping or spreading…
  3. Now that most of your cheeseboard real estate is occupied, it’s all about filling in those little spaces with fun extras - snacks and fruits to nibble on as you graze your way through the evening. Grab some chutneys and you’re good to go! 

Giving this a whirl? Tag us in your photos on social - we really love to see your amazing creations. Use the hashtag #SayVeganCheeese

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