Park life: Impress your pals with a seasonal outdoor spread

As our social lives take a seriously ‘alfresco’ turn, we’ve got one thing on our mind… picnics! Well, two things, because when aren’t we thinking about cheese?! No park party is complete without some cheesy action (and we don’t just mean our terrible chat) so if, like us, you’re thinking of ways to make get togethers even better, consider whipping up a Spring themed spread 🧀.

We’ve put together our ideas and pairings with cheesy treats and the UK’s best seasonal produce. If you thought cheese was only to be enjoyed in front of a roaring fire with a heavy glass of red - then you’ve been seriously missing out! Hello sunshine👋.

Keeping reading to hear our thoughts on what makes the cut, which boozy bevs we’d choose, and a few recipes that can be packed up for the park or enjoyed at home if the classic British drizzle dampens your plans…

Seasonal Cheese Board Pairings

Rain or shine, you won’t find us turning down a baguette or some sourdough crackers, but to lighten things up, add some crunchy crudites to your spread (carrots and radishes get our vote). New potatoes are now in season and we love to slice ours up and fry them for a fun, delicious and gluten free alternative to crackers. Also, potatoes and cheese - what’s there not to like about that coupling?!

On top of that, although a winner in our eyes all year round, our Garlic & Herb has time to shine through the Spring and Summer months. Once May hits and fresh British strawberries are in season, try combining a chunk of garlicky Herbi (or creamy Sham, a fresh slice of strawberry and a drizzle of vegan honey onto an oaty cracker for a sweet and salty hit! Or, if you’re feeling even more adventurous, embrace the bold flavours of a little cooked rhubarb or rhubarb jam paired with our Blue, on a cracker or as part of a fresh salad; the sharp and sweet hints of the rhubarb will really compliment the creamy, blue taste. 

To round things off, we can’t resist a tipple - and we’ve swapped wintery reds for lighter, fresher vibes. Chin Chin Vinho Verde from Quinta do Ermizio has hints of crisp green apples and a little spritz that will make you feel like summer is on the horizon! Otherwise, if you’re celebrating (we’re all about celebrating  anything, as often as we can these days…) then it’s hard to go wrong with a bottle of fizz, it’s our favourite paired with creamy Sham- so take this as your official excuse to go pop open that extra fancy bottle you’ve been saving!

Our Favourite Spring Recipes

Pear, Blue Cheese & Walnut Tart With Rocket

Good news for blue cheese & pear fanatics, conference pears are in season until May in the UK! So be sure to take advantage with our new favourite tart; pear, blue cheese & walnut, before June comes along. Rocket is also in season, so a liberal topping won’t go amiss and will earn you bonus points for the posh presentation too. 

Garlic &Herb Cheese with Spaghetti

It’s time to get a little seasonally creative with your spaghetti! This creamy, garlic-y herby spaghetti is a treat hot or cold if you’re heading to the park, but try swapping tenderstem broccoli (which isn’t in season until June) for some spinach, pepper and even some more mushrooms to make the most out of fresh local produce – delicious!

For more info on what’s in season, you can find a full rundown from the guys at VegSoc here. And if you try out any of our pairings or create  your own, then don’t forget to send us a message or tag us in your pics on social so we can spread the love for seasonal eating around! 

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