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The festive blog delves into creative and indulgent pairings for vegan cheeses during the holiday season. It suggests combinations of cheeses like vegan Camembert, Brie, Blue, and Garlic & Herb with festive beverages and flavours -mostly for a bit of fun! The articles provide pairing ideas such as vegan Camembert with mulled wine or spiced cider, vegan Brie with champagne, and vegan Blue with port wine or cranberry punch. We offer non-alcoholic options like mocktails and infused teas, aiming to inspire the creation of a festive cheese platters that appeal to all, including those that might not be exploring plant-based diets! 
There's also styling tips, hosting tips, and lots of recipes you're sure to love. For more details, you can explore the blog directly here or browse some of the articles below:
  • Christmas Leftovers SandoLet's not complicate things! After all the festive feasting—when the cheeseboards are cleared, and the last of the sweets have been devoured—it's time to relax, no more cooking required. The perfect moment for a 'leftovers' feast emerges, ideally enjoyed as a classic Christmas sandwich. To prepare, we like to stash a quality loaf of bread in the freezer before Christmas. Come Boxing Day, when the local bakeries are shut, we're all set for an easy yet delicious meal.  
  • Unusual festive pairings: Perfect for anyone keen to explore plant-based treats or hosting vegan friends - this guide will introduce you to some fun ways to pair oour cheeses with seasonal beverages and flavours, crafting a festive culinary experience that will charm and satisfy you and your pals.
  • Doughball Christmas Tree: Bring this delicious tear-and-share doughball Christmas tree to any festive gathering for a fun and interactive start to any meal! Perfect for a cozy Christmas movie night, this dish not only adds a touch of whimsy but is also incredibly practical. The doughballs are made from simple store cupboard ingredients and can be prepared in advance—simply freeze and bake when needed. This recipe is particularly family-friendly too; children will enjoy kneading and shaping the doughballs. Serve them warm for a comforting, festive treat that everyone will love.
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