Mushroom & Ched Cheese Polenta

Serves 4

It's cheesy, it's hearty, it's healthy - a perfect winter warmer. We'll be adding this cheesy polenta with sautéd mushrooms to our midweek meal plans from now until at least the Spring time! 

An Italian cupboard staple from Northern Italy, polenta can form the based of many a meal. It's a savoury porridge of sorts although we don't think that sells it that well, it's a great grain and very versatile too. Make it cheesy by whisking in our honestly tasty plant based ched spread and with (vegan) buttery mushrooms, it's rich and moreish too. 


440ml soy milk

310ml veg stock

110g polenta

20g plant-based butter

50g ched spread

½ tsp salt

A couple tbsp of olive oil

Approx. 200-250g oyster mushrooms

A splash of apple cider vinegar

Salt & pepper

mushroom and vegan cheese polenta


First up, make the polenta! It’s super straightforward, add plant-based milk and veg stock to a large saucepan set over medium heat. Bring it slowly up to a boil and then simmer whilst slowly pouring in the polenta itself.

Whisk and stir fairly continuously whilst the polenta thickens and then cook according to pack instructions (our took about 30 mins but it can vary a lot!).

Keep whisking every so often, so that you get a deliciously cream texture. Once almost done, add butter, a scrunch of salt and your shed into the polenta and stir well.

If you want to make it cheesier, easy - add more Ched! We’re going to try this next time with Herbi too.

Whilst the cheeesy polenta is cooking, prepare the mushrooms. You want to start this about 10 mins or so ahead of the polenta being ready (according to pack).

Shred the mushrooms, you want chunks, and add to a hot frying pan (you could use the air fryer too!) for about 5 minutes - until they start to brown. Add a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar and some plant based butter. Stir for a few more minutes and then season with salt and pepper. We always recommend waiting til the very end of cooking mushrooms, before adding salt!
When the mushrooms are cooked, serve on top of the polenta with crumbled ched and a handful of herbs. We recommend some bread for dunking and mopping up too.

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