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Fancy something to go crackers about?

Cheese... Chutney… Crackers. A winning trio. When you’re not eating it straight from the packet, or rustling up a mid week meal, cheese belongs on a cracker. Peter’s Yard showcases a great range of vegan, sourdough flatbreads that we can’t get enough of. Again, not just because they taste so good - but because they do so good too 💪.

Like us, their ingredients are ethically sourced, and where possible they’re locally sourced too - reducing the amount of pollution produced by transporting them. They replace single-use plastics in the packaging with cardboard(FSc certified) wherever it’s possible and they re-use any food waste they create as animal feed. Total champs. 

Check out their other commitments to reducing their carbon footprint here or head on site and pick your favourites. We love their smoked chilli flatbreads with a huge chunk of Sham

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Blog posts Peter's Yard
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