Did we mention our makeover?!

In case you missed us making a song and dance about our fresh new look, here's a little update 🥳..

We've introduced brighter designs, better packaging (it's kinder to the planet) and improved wrapping (which means you can get to your cheese faster than you could before)! Hopefully you'll agree that the updates better represent our brand (which has grown so much since Mike created the OG Blue back in Granny Joyce's kitchen!). 

With lots of change ‘round here, we wanted to officially introduce you to the Shamembert, Blue, Ched Spread & Herbi. They’re the same Honestly Tasty plant-based cheeses that you know and love - maybe with slightly new names.

We were a little sad to lose the punny references (and we know some of you guys were too) but we promise our pun game remains strong and our cheesy lines are here to stay. You'll just spot a lot less spelling mistakes and we're a lot less likely to get in trouble down the line... in case we come up against any dairy related censorship rulings or trademarking issues in the future - like the (very stupid) recent AM171 ruling. We don't fancy a lingering shadow of doubt  and would much rather focus on creating delicious plant based cheeses for you to enjoy... instead of prepping for lawsuits because our dairy-free and obviously advertised as plant-based cheese sounds about too much like a dairy cheese *sigh* 🙄.

On that note...

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who signed the petition we shared against the AM171 ruling. The EU officially rejected the amendment  which is a huge relief for us and many other wonderful plant-based brands. We’re still playing it safe though.

Missed that memo and need a good laugh? Check our last blogpost on the subject here – it's a much more enjoyable to read now you know that the controversial and very, very dumb (hey, just our opinion!) ‘dairy ban’ has been stopped in it's tracks!

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