Perfect Pairings: Cheese, Wine & Chutney

Pairing cheese and wine is sometimes considered a bit of an art, but it can also be a real bit of fun. What you really want to do (in our opinion) is follow your nose and play around with matches to see what you like best. The combinations are endlegoss, so you’ll be bound to find your winner through trial and error.
That said, we’ve done some taste testing of our own, to explore Sea Change’s vegan wine range and Rubies in the Rubble relishes. Below, we share with you our favourite combos and pairings...
Cheese, Wine & Chutney
Sauvignon Blanc + Bree + Apple & Cranberry Relish
White wines often get left out when it comes to cheese pairings, with full bodied reds often taking centre stage. Soft cheeses like our Bree crave a crisp white wine, making Sauvignon Blanc an ideal match. The crisp notes of the wine draw out the Bree flavours beautifully, and work to show off the cheese’s earthy tones… At the same time, the acidity helps cut through the fat. 
We chose to match this cheese and wine with Rubies in The Rubble’s brand new apple and cranberry relish (getting those festive feels warmed up!). The tart cranberries bite through the creamy Bree - a classic match - and the apples add a sweet but subtle flavour. 
Cheese, Wine & Chutney
Merlot + Blue + Pear & Fig Relish
Sea Change Merlot is crammed with flavours of delicious summer fruits and hints of green pepper on the nose. We think the subtle spice and soft tannins on the palate compliment the ripe berry flavours resulting in a delicious full bodied red wine that is surprisingly easy to drink. 
We’ve picked a bold cheese to go with this full bodied wine and matched it up with our blue cheese. Matured over several weeks and made with real Penicillium Roqueforti, this is a smooth but firm almond based cheese with a distinct blue taste. 
And to round it off? A pear and fig chutney… slowly cooked pears with warming root ginger and cinnamon make for a sweet Christmassy flavour that goes perfectly with strong blue cheese.
Cheese, Wine & Chutney
Chardonnay + Shamembert + Chilli Onion Relish
Chardonnay wine is often matched with camembert style cheeses, so it was a no-brainer to marry it up with our earthy Shamembert. With a truffle-y aroma, it’s full of flavour…. so similar in intensity, this wine and cheese marry well. 
Sea Change's prize winning Chardonnay is vibrant and zesty. Hailing from Puglia in Italy, it's not 'over-oaked' like Chardonnay can sometimes be (too much oakiness in a wine tends to mean less fruitiness, which makes for a poorer match to the cheese). This one bursts with fresh, citrusy flavour… and it’s acidity cuts through the creaminess of the cheese (similarly to the way the Sauvignon Blanc does with the Bree).
With this pair, we love Rubie's Chilli Onion Relish - packed full of slowly caramelised pink onions, with a touch of heat.
Sparkling rose + Garlic & Herb + Spicy Tomato Relish 
Cheese, Wine & Chutney
This one’s a bit of a wild card, as sparkling rose rarely gets a look in when it comes to cheese. Admittedly, it might feel like a somewhat summer-y match but as we head into the festive season, prosecco regains popularity and it’s a fun one to try alongside our cheeses. 
Sea Change Prosecco Rosé offers delicate aromas of summer berries complimented by a gentle taste profile and fine, streaming bubbles… we recommend giving it a go paired with our vegan blue cheese, but also with our boursin style cheese; Garlic & Herb. Delicately flavoured with garlic and herbs, the cheese boasts a fresh but intense taste - brought about particularly by the pinot noir in the sparkling wine, and brought to life further by the bubbles. 
Smush some herbi on a cracker or flatbread, already topped with Rubies spicy tomato relish (a classic crowd-pleaser with a kick) then accompany with a glass of fizz and see what you think!
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