Meet the chef // Asimakis Chanioti from Pied E Terre

It's about time we shine a light on some of the wonderful places you can pick up our cheese, or find it on a menu. Pied a Terre is the longest standing independent Michelin Starred restaurant in the UK, and was recognised as the “No 1 Vegan Tasting Experience in the UK” recently too. No surprise then that we’re chuffed to bits - with two of our cheeses forming part of that very experience! Spot our award-winning Blue in their Waldorf Grumolo salad and our Vegan Camembert (known as Shamembert) in a feuille de brick (filo!) with celery, and greek apricot jam.  

pied a terre vegan Waldorf salad
Classic Waldorf Salad ft Honestly Tasty Blue Cheese

We spoke with Pied a Terre’s Executive Chef, Asimakis Chanioti, who combines classic French cuisine with reference to his Greek heritage, in order to create truly memorable dishes.  First up, we asked Asimakis about the challenges he comes across when working with vegan cheese: 
So how do you go about creating Michelin star vegan menus? 

“I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Greece, so a lot of everyday food was naturally vegan - from stuffed tomatoes baked in the oven, to lentil soups, spinach stew with rice and lots more! So I’ve been raised on the right foundation I suppose, and now I get to recreate dishes from my childhood at Pied a Terre.

And what’s been your favourite dish to create with Honestly Tasty cheese?

I absolutely love the Shamembert but the nutty blue, oh my lord it’s soooo good. I created a “waldorf” salad with crystallised walnuts, salad leaves dressed with vegan garlic mayonnaise, Honestly Tasty Blue cheese, a chiffonade of pink lady apple and chevril. A very successful dish I must admit! 

Oh my goodness - that makes us hungry!! And it looks so beautiful too. What cheese would you like to see from us next?!

A hard like feta cheese with the right amount of tanginess as the real thing would be great, or a hard smoked one might be interesting.

vegan cheese honestly tasty waldorf salad

Watch this space Asimakis - and we'll see what we can do!
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