June Special - Steak & Blue Cheese Pies

Honestly Tasty Teams Up with Magpye to create a delicious Vegan Steak and Blue Cheese Pie.

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Magpye, a pioneering plant-based pie bakery (what a tongue twister!) situated right along the historic Hadrian’s Wall. Together, we’re bringing you a mouth-watering and moreish ‘steak and blue cheese’ pie featuring Sgaia’s  rich, umami meats and our own signature blue cheese.

Introducing Magpye 👋 🥧

Magpye was founded by Chris and Sarah, passionate pastry lovers with a commitment to sustainable living. Their mission is to reinvent the classic British pie, with a contemporary, plant-based flair. Their pies are handcrafted - mixed, rolled, and crimped by hand, ensuring a unique, artisanal touch. They use only the finest vegan ingredients to create their fillings, which are encased in a palm oil-free shortcrust pastry made from UK organic flour.

Magpye’s brand and packaging are designed to reflect their core values of simplicity and sustainability too - they source all their packaging materials from the UK, ensuring that they are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. This commitment to eco-friendly practices means that Magpye pies not only taste incredible but also help reduce environmental impact.

Our June Special: in time for Father’s Day

Launching mid-month, but taking pre-orders now, we are delighted to bring you an Honestly Tasty pie that’s perfect for Father’s Day!

Order Now

Don’t miss out on this limited-edition pie! Make sure to place your orders early as each pie is made to order ahead of time. 

Together, let’s enjoy plant-based pies that leave a legacy of taste, not waste.
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