Honestly Tasty partners with Rowcliffe

Happy Veganuary! We can’t believe that we're already approaching the end of the annual campaign (although their activity run all year round!). For those looking to make a meaningful change to their diet in the long term - we hope to make that easier… and honestly tasty. As you might have seen, we’ve proudly partnered with Rowcliffe’s to increase nationwide availability of our plant-based cheese! Rowcliffe’s are the leading distributor of quality cheese and fine foods in Britain, serving premium supermarkets and independent stores since 1967 - together, we’ve got some exciting things up our sleeve…. 

Time and time again, you’ll hear people say that vegan cheese tastes like old socks (or much worse!) and a serious love of good cheese is what makes a switch to plant-based or vegan so hard for so many… but with 83% of Veganuary participants in 2022 stating that they planned on permanently changing their diet by reducing their intake of animal products, we’re doing everything we can to make it easier to access honestly tasty vegan cheese all year long!

The online supermarket OCADO reported that vegan cheese sales increased by 24%  in January 2022 vs January 2021 while dairy sales declined by 9% compared to December as consumers tried plant-based alternatives for Veganuary… (we love to see it!) but come February 1st without fail, the hush dies down and it becomes trickier and less delicious to sustain a plant-based or vegan diet without compromise. We're here to help! 


To learn more or to place a wholesale order, head to Rowcliffe’s and they'll be happy to help.


Stats taken from Veganuary’s Business Toolkit for 2023.


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