Honestly Tasty is going "nut-free"

This week, we launched our first nut-free cheese, a gournay style called Garlic & Herb. Read more about the product here, or continue to learn more about our 'nut-free' journey below...

We've decided to (gradually) remove nuts from all of our recipes because our primary mission at Honestly Tasty is to create second-to-none alternatives to dairy cheese, without compromising on taste or texture - for the benefit of our planet and all the animals on it. This guides everything that we do, including our choice of ingredients.

We want to bring you alternatives to dairy that are seriously (and honestly) tasty whilst kinder to the planet. Since undertaking our carbon counting project, we've found that despite accounting for just less than 8% of the ingredients in our plant-based Blue, almonds are responsible for 51% of the ingredients emissions and just shy of 20% of total (for our Blue). Armed with that information, we believe that we can (and must) do better to reduce our carbon impact whilst improving the taste and texture of our products - to encourage more people to give plant-based cheese a chance.
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