Honestly Tasty now available at Marks and Spencer

From the very start, one of our goals has been to make seriously good vegan cheese more widely available

You can now find our three best-selling vegan cheeses in 166 Marks & Spencer stores nationwide (predominantly mainland UK, but in Belfast and in Dublin too!). 

From the very start, one of our goals has been to make seriously good vegan cheese more widely available - easily accessible and more affordable too. We’ve always shared that as we scale up, we’ll aim to bring the costs down - and testament to that, you’ll notice lower prices in store (and being rolled out across the board). 

We’ve worked incredibly hard to adapt production, to ensure that we don’t compromise on taste or texture, but do adjust aspects of the process in order to bring prices down. We’re confident - based on sales and extensive feedback - that our cheeses win awards for a reason - but we’ve always understood that price might be a barrier, so really hope that recent changes truly reflect our ongoing commitment to bringing honestly tasty vegan cheese to the masses! 

To kick things off, you'll find our award-winning dairy free Blue and Shamembert alongside best-selling vegan brie (Bree) in 166 Marks & Spencer stores in nationwide.

Chris Dawson – M&S Dairy Buyer said: "We're excited to be stocking Honestly Tasty's plant-based cheeses. Plant-based alternatives to dairy are seeing increased demand, so we know our customers will be thrilled to discover these cheeses on our shelves’

Beth Moore, co-founder of Honestly Tasty shared her thoughts on the achievement too, stating that "we're super proud of this, and want to say a huge thanks to everyone involved in the process. That's the great team at M&S but also every single person that’s championed our cheese, our brand and our story. From investors and loyal customers, to those that have bought gone on to recommend us to a friend - we are so grateful for each and every one of you!"

And speaking on the launch, Mike Moore (founder & CEO) added "following the hugely successful rollout via Ocado, we're beyond pleased to add Marks & Spencer stores nationwide, to the ever-growing list of place you can find our Honestly Tasty plant-based cheese." 

shamembert, blue and vegan brie

In the coming weeks and months we've got new product launches and revised recipes - with updates on lower emission products and allergen free options, so to kick this all off by adding a new, nationwide stockist to the list, is a huge achievement.

Check for a store near you: M&S Locator.

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