Happy Earth Day 🌍

Earth Day is an annual event which aims to demonstrate and raise support for  environmental protection and it's no secret that upping your intake of plant-based goodness is great for you, the planet, Daisy - and her pals 🐄.🐓.
The official theme for 2022 is Invest In Our Planet and we're taking that as an opportunity to shine a light on the work done by The Dean Farm Trust. They run an animal sanctuary in Chepstow and as part of doing our bit (and yours, as by buying from us you contribute to this) we donate 2% of our revenue goes to charities - half of which goes here. 
Dean Farm Trust is a sanctuary for rescued animals and is home to 200 residents (including cows, sheep, donkeys, chickens and pigs). They rescue and provide sanctuary to ill-treated, neglected and unwanted animals - and work to share info on the use of animals in factory farming, intensive breeding and various sports, with the aim to raise awareness and promote a sustainable, cruelty free planet.  
Mike helping out with feeding time at Dean Farm Sanctuary
Mike helping out with feeding time at Dean Farm Sanctuary
A few months ago, the trust's wonderful founder Mary asked us along for a visit and unsurprisingly, we hopped at the chance. On a sunny day at the sanctuary, we got greeted with curiosity and deliciously sloppy hellos from many happy residents - and we were also introduced to new residents, a brood of hens recently rescued from a battery farm. Some were featherless and many were very shy around us... but with love, care and attention, it was clear that they'd soon be feeling a little cluckier and that was heartwarming to see.
Mary sent us pics of the hens a few weeks after our visit and they already looked heaps happier and healthier. We were chuffed to see it and is if we didn't know it already - it was wonderfully obvious that Mary and her team (a mixture of paid members and volunteers) do an incredible job to look after the residents. 
A recently rescued hen meeting her new flock!
A recently rescued hen meeting her new flock!
Given that it's Earth Day, it seems appropriate to remember that livestock rearing accounts for a whopping 14.5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions each year and the detrimental impact that animal agriculture has on both the planet and the animals it exploits means that eating more plants just makes sense. Plus, doesn't it just taste better tucking into cheese that you know helps keep Daisy and her friends safe??
The statistics and studies that come up in the news or on your feed today might leave you feeling overwhelmed or helpless (eco-anxiety is real!) but remember that you and I really can make a difference. From adopting a vegan diet to just giving plant-based a go (be it one swap or many) you're doing your bit and it's the single largest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet.
Big thanks for what you do - and for enjoying Honestly Tasty cheese too. 
You can keep up to date with the residents at The Dean Farm Sanctuary by signing up to their newsletter or following them on social media channels, and if you want, you can make a donation or pop along to one of their open days to see their great work (and meet the lovely residents!).  


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