Green Duck Brewery - Cheese & Beer Pairings

Green Duck Brewery is based in Stourbridge, West Midlands and is run by a small, close-knit team. The brewery was formed out of a desire to produce modern, innovative and approachable beers - and they've been doing just that for over 10 years now!

With a taproom on site, and over 18 options to pour - they offer both a core range and lots of small batch brews. Last week, they hosted an almighty cheese-fest... and not without our award-winning dairy free options. Following the event, we sat down with their head brewer Alex Hill, to pick his brain about potential pairings with our cheese. The results? Honestly Tasty!

Hey Alex! First up, we'd love to pair something with our creamy... almost buttery, garlicky cheese. Our Garlic & Herb is an alternative to a fairly well known dairy cheese (that we aren't allowed to shout out!) but it's so similar, right down to the slightly crumbly but deliciously creamy texture... so everyone knows which one we mean! 

Alex: As a cheese known for it's creamy texture and rich, garlicky flavours - we want to enhance that. I think the hoppy bitterness and citrus notes of a pale ale complement the garlic and herb really well! With that in mind, I'm going to suggest our 'Remedy'. It's a balanced session IPA with an aroma of tropical fruit (flavours of tangerine & papaya with a crisp, clean finish) that's designed to be the kind of beer you can grab out of the fridge... anytime! If that's not your thing - you could try a blonde ale... the light and slightly sweet profile should pair well with the creamy and garlicky notes of the cheese.

Delicious - a cheese we could eat endlessly on crackers, washed down with a solid 'all-rounder' ale. The perfect match! Next up, what do you think about our Blue cheese? It's obviously got a bit of a blue kick to it so needs something to complement the flavours without overpowering them...

Alex: Typically, something like this might go well with a stout. The roasted malt and chocolatey notes might balance out the blue, whilst complementing the smooth and creamy texture. Similarly, porter is known to pair well. The said, I'm going to say try our Rhubarb Road! It’s a rhubarb sour beer and I think the tartness would complement the tanginess of a blue cheese. The acidity should cut through the creaminess and create a balanced taste experience. Whilst sour, the fruity notes add a unique, fruity flavour that contrast with the slightly pungent notes of blue cheese - adding complexity to the pairing. Plus, sour beers are often light and refreshing, which can cleanse the palate between bites of rich, creamy cheese, making each bite and sip feel fresh. 

Now that is combination I'm excited to try!! As a huge rhubarb fan, I'm definitely impressed. Last up - our truffled bree - a white-rinded cheese. What to pair with our vegan brie? It's a m ellow, soft ripened cheese with a wonderful rind and it boasts a creamy texture with subtle earthy tones. 

Alex: Our 'Pacifico' is a pilsner - with a smooth malt profile. The crisp, clean profile of a Pilsner might provide a refreshing contrast to the rich and creamy texture of your truffled Brie. But I'm going to recommend something a bit more indulgent - our Puddin stout! The rich, creamy stout will complement the cheese and the smooth mouthfeel of both the beer and the cheese should create a more decadent experience. Styled on a Cranachan pudding, imagine Scottish raspberries interlaced with vanilla, honey and scotch-soaked oak chips. Complex, not overly sweet, and intensely fruity... I'm most excited about this one! The complex flavour profile is going to pair wonderfully!

Alex, thank you so much! Pairing booze and cheese is always a lot of fun - and a great way to put a spin on a classic 'cheese and wine night'. If you fancy taking part, you can order directly front the brewery here and give each of these pairings a go. Let us know which one you like best!

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