Dean Farm Trust Updates

As a reminder, The Dean Farm Trust run an animal sanctuary in Chepstow. Rescued animals including Miniature Shetland ponies, Exmoor ponies, donkeys, pigs, sheep and ex-battery hens are all given a home for life - but the sanctuary relies solely on donations to keep on doing what they do. We donate 1% of all sales to the sanctuary, meaning that every purchase you make contributes too. From time to time, we collaborate on competitions and giveaways (watch this space for a big one!)  and most recently, we donated to a raffle which many of you took part in. So, we thought you might like to know where the donations go...

Meet Audrey!

She's a Dean Farm Trust resident cosied up in her new bed of hay - bought with recent donations, that we can make thanks to all our customers. All 204 residents see the benefit of donations, including the sanctuary's 7 vulnerable ponies - and in particular this time around, Sooty and Rosie.  


Sooty & Co. 

Sooty was one of the sanctuary’s very first rescued residents and is now an elderly gentleman at 34 years old! He suffers with arthritis in his hocks, and it’s therefore extremely important that his bones are kept nice and warm in this (very!) wet spring weather. Donations have given Sooty a brand-new rug to help keep him nice and warm, as well as helping pay for pony’s feeds, mediation and supplements - which includes slippery elm to help with their digestion. Thanks for helping us to help keep Sooty stay warm and fed this springtime. Check out his new coat below!

And then there's Hennifer! 

Donations also helped to trust one of the 60 resident hens - sweet Hennifer.

Hennifer had developed something called bumblefoot, a condition resulting from a small wound which could have been caused by standing on a sharp stone or rough edge. Hennifer has had her foot bandaged and cleaned with antiseptic. The bandage will encourage her to continue exercising and using her legs whilst keeping the wound clean. She’s been placed in a special chicken sick bay with a few chicken friends for company... until she's feeling better!  

 The team at Dean Farm say she's doing really well and recovering quickly. She’s receiving lots of TLC and extra treats of fresh berries, including her favourite, raspberries.

What else is happening at the sanctuary?

The trust has been offered £50k in donations (!) as part of a 'match' campaign - which means that right now, all donations will be doubled by an anonymous donor and up to £100k can be raised (the boost will help the trust meet their monthly income target for over a year!).

If you can, please consider donating here

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