Dean Farm Trust - Animal Sanctuary Residents

Jesse the pig at Dean Farm Trust Animal Sanctuary

Meet Jesse, one of 206 residents at The Dean Farm Trust Animal Sanctuary.  Dean Farm Trust is a local charity with an animal sanctuary just outside Chepstow, Wales. Rescued animals including Miniature Shetland ponies, Exmoor ponies, donkeys, pigs, sheep and ex-battery hens are all given a home for life here and cared for by a wonderful team. 
If you've bought our cheese, you might have noticed a note on the back of each pack, we donate 2% of all sales to charitable causes including the Dean Farm Trust Animal SanctuarySo, we thought we'd show you where some of those donation go, as it's with your continual support and cheese lovin' that we can contribute as we do!
Dusty the sheep
This is Dusty, enjoying his fresh hay! Dusty was rescued with his friend Dave in October 2018 - both were babies. They are two of sixty sheep at the sanctuary. In the winter months Dusty and all his friends need lots of sweet hay to keep them fit and healthy. A generous donation paid for Dusty's hay to see him through winter! 

Toadie the horse enjoying daily meal

And this is Toadie, tucking into essential feed and supplements. He's one of 19 equines at the sanctuary and was rescued 6 years ago. He's now an elderly boy who needs daily feed, supplements and medication to keep him fit, healthy and happy. A portion of our recent donation went towards Toadie's meals and medication. 

waddles the pig in his home

And snoozing here is Waddles! Waddles was rescued with his brother Freddie, 4 years ago. They were thin, neglected and very frightened. The lovely team at Dean Farm nursed them back to health and they now live happily on Piggy Avenue, with 24 other pigs. They need a warm house to live in like all the residents and shelter is essential. Our donation helps towards housing residents and keeping the piggies safe, dry and warm!

So again, huge thanks for choosing Honestly Tasty Cheese. If you'd like to find out more about the sanctuary head on over to their site, here.
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