Christmas Collection 2023

Our Christmas Collection returns! Four plant-based hampers packed with a selection of the finest, artisan vegan cheese and festive foodie essentials. Explore the options below and select the perfect size to suit your preferences and household.

The Little Christmas Collection: scoop up our award-winning Shamembert, Blue, Bree and Garlic & Herb - alongside 3 new hamper exclusives...


    • Lemon & Dill: a luxuriously creamy, yet slightly crumbly cheese spread. Perfect on a bagel or blini with vegan smoked salmon. 
    • Pretenslydale: a cranberry filled, Christmas classic!
    • Smoked Good-A: a moreish wedge of subtle and smoky goud-ness 

The Christmas Collection: features all that, plus a UK exclusive from dutch vegan cheesemakers Willicroft. Warm up winter nights with their fondue cheese, perfect for when your pals pop over. Also in the box:

  • Love Raw’s Nutty Balls (box)
  • Peter’s Yard Sea Salt Crackers
  • Wonky’s Tangy Onion Relish
  • Faux Butcher’s deli style meats (1 x 100g pack)

The Bigger Christmas Collection: want more? Get everything listed above, double up on some seasonal specials and discover new cheese…

  • An extra Shamembert (a festive essential!)
  • An extra pot of Lemon & Dill, plus a second wedge of Pretenslydale
  • I Am Nut OK Paparica: a soft wedge of chedda style nut-based cheese, donned in a jacket of smoked paprika 
  • An extra pack of Faux Butcher’s deli style meats

The Ultimate Christmas Collection: cheers to that! Enjoy an abundance of plant-based culinary delights, a little more Christmas charcuterie to see you through - and sample The Canned Wine Co’s exquisite range: perfectly portioned tipples that pair wonderful with all the foodie treats.

Head here to pre-order for. Christmas 


Head here to pre-order for. Christmas 

Ingredients & Nutritional Info


Lemon & Dill: 

Smoked Good-a:


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