Burns Night Celebrations

As January rolls by, Scotland prepares for one of its most cherished celebrations: Burns Night. Held annually on January 25th, this day honors the life and works of the beloved Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Known for his profound and heartfelt poetry, Burns has become an emblem of Scottish culture. Traditionally, this night is marked by hearty feasts, vibrant recitations of Burns' poetry, and joyous gatherings.
But, what if you're vegan? Can you still partake in the festivities while adhering to your plant-based lifestyle? Absolutely!
Redefining the Burns Supper
Burns Night is synonymous with the Burns Supper, a banquet that usually features haggis, Scotch whisky, and more. The star of any Burns Supper is haggis... but fear not, for vegan haggis is not only possible, but it's also delicious! Usually made from a blend of lentils, oats, mushrooms, and a mix of savoury spices, vegan haggis brings the traditional Scottish flavour to your plate without any compromise. If it takes your fancy, you can make it from scratch - but these days it's easy enough to pick up in shops too.
Toast with a Twist

Bake our Shamembert (ode below!) to serve with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes!) and raise a wee dram in turn. 
As Robert Burns once wrote, "For a' that, an' a' that, It's comin yet for a' that, That Man to Man, the warld o'er, Shall brothers be for a' that." Let's celebrate Burns Night with a vision of a kinder, more inclusive world.
Slàinte mhath (good health) to a memorable Vegan Burns Night - here's our take on Burn's "Address to the haggis"
See the Shamembert, oh noble fare, In your creamy glory, none can compare. A dairy-free dream, so rich and so rare, A feast for the senses, beyond compare.
Your aroma, a siren's call, it does beckon, To vegans and cheese-lovers, a heavenly reckon. On crackers or bread, you're a delectable treat, In culinary contests, none can you beat. 
In the glow of the oven, you gracefully melt, Your texture and flavor keenly felt. A heart of gold, beneath a white rind, In every bite, a delight we find.
Oh Shamembert, with your charm so mellow, You turn the staunchest critic into a happy fellow. To the table you bring such joy and mirth, A treasure of value, immeasurable worth. 
So here's to you, dear Shamembert, in your glory, The hero of our humble, vegan story. May your fame spread far, from west to east, In the world of cheese, you're surely a beast!
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