#BeyondVeganuary - Have you heard about AllPlants?

We absolutely scoffed our way through the most delicious Veganuary yet. How did it go for you? There were so many new things out there to try, and we had a whole lot of fun sampling… but one thing that wasn’t new to us was plant-based subscription service AllPlants. 

AllPlants make super tasty plant-based meals and deliver them frozen, nationwide - they’re honestly nutritious, easy and require no cooking at all. Even better, the only washing up you create is cutlery (or a bowl, if you’re feelin’ fancy). 

The last few months have been incredibly busy for us at Honestly Tasty so we signed up last October to give AllPlants a whirl… Now - almost embarrassingly - our homes are FULL of their boxes (it’s worth noting that they can be returned and used over and over, but… well… we’ll get around to that!).

We’ve done the hard work for you and quite literally tried everything on their menu, so we rounded up our favourites and thought we’d share our thoughts below: 

The Protein Power Bowl

  • If we’re in the kitchen early (which is most days!) our bellies are rumbling by lunchtime and whilst a big ol’ carb load sounds delicious, you just know that you’ll feel sluggish once you’re done. This hits that perfect middle ground, keeping you going ‘til dinner without slowing you down.

Shepherd’s Pie

  • Pre plant-based, we did not care for lentils. Allplants really proved how silly we were! If you’re looking for an easy swap and want to introduce more plants into ‘classic meals’ then the lentil shepherd’s pie is likely a winner for you.

Mac & Greens

  • I don’t suppose we’re going to shock anyone by saying we have a lot of time for cheesy sauces. AllPlants Mac & Greens is a subscription box regular - it’s a genuinely good source of iron, protein and vitamin C snuck into one of our all-time favourite comfort meals. Sign us up🕺🏻 (we actually are signed up). 

Starting out, we tucked into the main meals but it wasn’t long before we were adding sides and breakfast pots to the order too. Truth be told, there are a lot of toast people in the building, but the cocoa banana oats are now a go-to on busy days (sometimes toast and marmite just won’t suffice…). 

Favourite Side? Roast Potatoes.

You don't want to get on a plant’s bad side. It can get pretty shady.

Turns out we’re fuelled by AllPlants, and bad puns. It’s true. Anyway, back to the topic… crispy roast potatoes. They’re incredible. Beth (one half of the HT sibling duo)  is CRAZY about all things potatoes, and these just hit the spot, you won’t regret adding these to almost any meal.

A close runner up is the minty leeks and peas - delicious, and a pretty easy way of injecting tasty vitamins into any meal. 

Are you convinced yet? 

☑️ Saves time

☑️ Saves washing up

☑️ Plant-based, delicious & nutritious

☑️ Prevents food waste too

So that’s good for you, good for Daisy (🐄) and good for the planet? Nice one, we think. Food waste makes up 10% of greenhouse emissions* and we’ve found that we waste way less when using AllPlants (because we don’t buy ingredients that end up sitting in the fridge…). 

Honestly, having a stock of healthy plant-based meals in the freezer has served us so well. It’s reassuring to know that “not cooking” doesn’t mean an unhealthy take-away or “fast-a pasta” so if you’re looking to give something new a go this and want to make life easy, check out their website and get ready to tuck in!

One thing you do need to do is turn on the oven. Yes, someone here once forgot to do that. They had one. job. ONE JOB. Other than that, it couldn’t be easier.

Use code HONESTLYSENTME for 10% off your first order. And please note, we were not asked to persuade you on this one - we just ruddy love ‘em. 





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