Behind The Scenes At Magpye: Plant-Powered Pies

We're excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at the artisanal process that makes Magpye pies truly special. Their commitment to traditional techniques and high-quality, vegan ingredients ensures that every pie is crafted to perfection.

Step 1: Making Pastry

They begin with the finest organic UK flour and palm oil-free vegan ‘butter’ to create their very own shortcrust pastry. Inspired by traditional all-butter shortcrust, Magpye pastry is mixed, rolled, shaped, and crimped using traditional methods and equipment. This dedication to time-honoured techniques results in a flaky, delicious pastry that forms the perfect base for their pies.

Step 2: Creating Fillings

All their fillings are made from scratch on-site, drawing inspiration from classic flavours and techniques. This approach allows the team to produce uncompromisingly tasty fillings that complement their handcrafted pastry perfectly. From traditional to innovative, each filling is designed to delight your taste buds.

Step 3: Assembly and Baking

Once assembled and rested, their pies are baked to perfection and rapidly cooled to preserve perfect freshness ready for your plate. 

Take a peek at the process through the photos below, and you'll see the care and attention that goes into every Magpye pie. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the kitchen and the delicious results of our labour of love... Hungry? Pre order pies here.

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