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Wine often gets first dibs when it comes to pairings but there are some 10/10 beers out there that also pair perfectly with our plant-based cheese. Have you come across Mammoth Beer?

They’re a microbrewery in East London that makes small batches of bold and novel beers, all unfiltered with a natural haze… meaning they’re suitable for vegans! We recently teamed up with gang at Mammoth to run a series of tasting sessions, matching our plant-based cheese with their range of vegan friendly beer. For those that couldn’t join us in person, here’s what we think...

Blue + Echo IPA (6.2%)

Echo IPA  is a big bodied beer with punchy, tropical notes - ensuring it stands up to the funky notes that come through on our award-winning blue cheese. 

Both cheese and beer have strong flavours, so it’s a bold pairing but you don't need to feel to brave to give it a go. 

Ched Spread + Duality (3.9% Blackberry Gose - sour)

Duality is a product of a dual fermentation; a light ale fermented with Voss Kveik yeast and Lactobacillus Plantarum bacteria. The yeast provides the bulk of the alcohol, whilst the bacteria creates the lactic acid for this sour’s signature tartness.  

A fruity match, washing down your ched spread with a pint of Duality is a little like accompanying your cheese with a tart chutney… only boozier, and in liquid form! The tart acidity of the beer cuts through the creamy body of cheese - balancing your taste buds for something tantalising. 

Shamembert + Aquacatones (5.5% Coffee, Breakfast, Stout)

Aquacatones is named after the Guatemalan farm where the coffee beans are sourced from. A lovely nod to it's roots we think, and Mammoth partnered with London-based coffee experts PLOT Roasting to discover how the right bean could level up their impressive stout. 

The beer is brewed with an array of malts, chosen for flavour, body and hue… and then cold brew coffee is added into the mix.  Paired with our truffled shamembert (styled on camembert) this is an exciting duo, and quite unique.

The stout has a silky mouthfeel, and the smoothness perfectly complements the rich, velvety body of the truffled cheese. If there were little people living on your tongue, they’d be dancing their socks off!

Garlic & Herb (Gournay Style) + Primordial (4%, Pale Ale) 

If these two were people, they’d be frolicking on a summer’s day. Primordial has a bright and fruity aroma and light body - it’s what the team at Mammoth call “highly sessionable” which we think means incredibly moreish… much like our gournay style vegan cheese. Garlic & Herb is inspired by Boursin (but they're very worried that we'll trick you all into buying our cheese instead of there's so FULL disclaimer, ours is cruelty free and good for the planet. It's garlicky and creamy, but the beer cuts through that perfectly almost like a palette cleanser after each bite.

Which of these would you start with? Order the beer online here, or pop by Mammoth’s new taproom in East London… and tell the team we say hi! And to stock up on the cheese, you know where to go...

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