A mature new look.

Cheese isn't the only thing that's been maturing.

Over the last year we've been working hard with an incredible team of creatives, to help us put our story into words. We've crafted our identity and made it clear what we stand for, why we do what we do, and how we go about it - because if you've tried plant-based cheese, you know there's a problem.

Mike started Honestly Tasty in 2018 to fill a huge, wedge-shaped gap in the market. To prove that plant-based doesn't mean compromise, and to create cheese so honestly tasty that it truly changes behaviour. And we wanted to make sure that across the board, we were doing the right things to get everyone on our side. 

brand application


We played around for quite some time before landing on a winner but we were keen from the beginning to ensure our products stand out. You should feel good when you pick them up, because you're doing good. And, you're going to eat something great. So whether you're unboxing an online order or picking us up off the shelf, we want to cut through the noise. We want our cheese to look like cheese, because it is. Plant-based, and packed with taste. The colours reflect the taste profiles you might expect and we worked to included strength numbers to denote flavour - much like lots of dairy cheese that you see in the supermarket. 

honestly tasty packaging

Colour Palette

Both on pack and in play, we wanted to dial up the cheesiness so our colour palette is heavily inspired by the colours we associate with cheese (accented by blue and white to give a nod to traditional dairy cues).

Piccadilly Blue gets its name from the underground line of our North London home, and so is also a subtle nod to our provenance. And a mature orange, and soft cream, bring pace and contrast to our applications.


Have a look around, make yourself at home. We've made it a more delicious place to explore. We'll make sure we're here more too, sharing updates and news and thoughts on things as they develop. We've made it easier to add to cart, to find products and to browse recipes. Let us know what you think.

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We've reformatted our recipe section to make it more user-friendly and we hope it'll encourage you to sneak around. Give recipes a go, drop us a message if you want to chat about them - or if you'd like to see us create something plant-based and cheesy. We'd love that. 

Kicking things off, we've worked with a wonderful plant-based creator to rustle up a signature dish - a hero recipe - for each of our cheeses. We've made them tweak-able, accessible and honestly tasty. Made for midweek, or for sharing. We've got it all in mind.  


And more?

Absolutely. We could go on a bit, but we'll save some for later. For now, a huge thank you for being part of the Honestly Tasty journey. 

Over the coming weeks we'll continue to unveil more on the process that got us here, sharing our values and core beliefs. The things that really make us tick. But one thing that won't change?  We're going to keep on making plant-based cheeses for people who love cheese. Using only the very best ingredients, we bring together fresh thinking with traditional cheese-making techniques. No dairy? No compromise. 

If that's whet your appetite, pre-order your Christmas cheese now to secure the best delivery date in December! Explore the hamper collection here.

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