A crowdfunding update 🎉

Mike Moore
"We’re beyond excited to announce that Vegan investment fund VegCap is backing our mission to become the UK's leading producer of fantastic tasting plant-based cheese. We've been in discussions with VegCap for several months and it's great to have such a supportive and knowledgeable team onboard, with values that are 100% aligned to our own. Our Seedrs crowdfund runs until July 6th and we’re so chuffed to be able to announce VegCap as lead investor."
- Mike Moore, Founder & CEO

What does this mean?

Vegan investment fund Veg Capital, headed up by Veganuary Founder Matthew Glover, has invested £250,000 in Honestly Tasty, enabling us to fly past our  crowdfunding target and take us to 146% funded, still with 20 days left of the campaign.

On the investment, Cliff Johnson of VegCap shared the following…

“Cheese is, at times, the last step for people on their vegan journey, including myself.  Honestly Tasty is making that step much easier and we at Veg Capital are excited to support their continued growth to remove animals from the cheese equation”

We also have the support of other incredible angel investors, including JP & Alex Petrides (founders or AllPlants), Tim Rowcliffe - of Rowcliffe & Son's Cheese wholesaler, John Gulliver - FTSE listed company CFO/COO, and plant-based investors Johnson Resolutions.

What's next for Honestly Tasty?

We can now accelerate our NPD pipeline to bring novel plant-based cheeses to market quickly. These will include a cultured, melting, hard cheddar as well as a firm, smoked cheese; a stilton alternative; and a Wensleydale. We’re so excited to get stuck in.

New products aren’t the only thing we’re working hard on, we’re also looking forward to revealing a fresh new look following a rebrand, in Autumn 2023 and alongside that, having created a state of the art, plant-based cheese factory in North London, we’re truly excited to use the funds raised in order to grow our team and drive expansion through our ongoing conversations with national wholesalers and retailers. 

We’ve grown >11x between Y1 and Y3 and can’t wait to continue our journey with the knowledge and experience that the Veg Capital Team brings to our table. We’re here to take artisan plant-based cheeses to a new level and drive a change in perception towards plant-based alternatives… continuing to prove that plant-based does not mean compromise.

How can you invest?

We are now overfunding, and our Seedrs campaign is open until 6th July - giving you the chance to join our mission and become an investor. Visit the campaign page here. Capital at risk.

On that note, huge thanks to the 285+ investors that have already pledged their support. Cheese to that 🎉.




Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. This page has been approved as a financial promotion by Seedrs Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 550317).

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