Vegan Ham And Cheese Toastie

Elevate your sandwich game with super easy, honestly tasty Vegan Ham and Cheese Toastie, a plant-based twist on a classic comfort food. Using sourdough bread as a base, this toastie incorporates layers of rich flavours from vegan alternatives to traditional meat and dairy products. The key ingredients include creamy vegan Shamembert, savoury vegan ham or bacon options such as La Vie’s ham slices or THIS Isn't Streaky Bacon, and a delightful apple relish chutney. Topped with vegan mayo and your choice of wholegrain or Dijon mustard, this sandwich is grilled to perfection, ensuring a crispy exterior and a melty, flavourful interior. This recipe not only offers a satisfying meal but also a chance to enjoy a classic in a new, ethical way.

The ham and cheese toastie itself has a comforting history as a staple in many cultures, known for its simple, satisfying nature and quick preparation. It has evolved from basic grilled cheese to include various fillings like ham, making it a versatile option for any meal. Our vegan version continues this tradition, providing a plant-based alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture. Perfect for a quick lunch, dinner, or indulgent snack, this vegan toastie will delight both traditional and modern palates.


3 slices of sourdough

Vegan butter

Chutney - Apple Relish is a winner here


Vegan ham or bacon (we love La Vie / This)

Vegan mayo

Whole Grain or dijon mustard

Vegan Ham And Cheese Toastie


Preheat the grill, get it hot whilst you're prepping the toastie
Lightly toast your sourdough and spread over a generous amount of butter
Layer up with your vegan ham and an equally generous portion of shamembert. This toastie is a treeeeeat.
Squish down the ham and cheese a little before adding a few dollops of chutney, some mayo and your favourite mustard
Smear it across the top and grill for about 5 minutes
Sandwich together, get it golden brown and tuck in

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