Pumpkin, Chesnut & Vegan Brie Salad

Another delicious use of Halloween leftovers. We used a small pumpkin and some squash but any amount of either, with any ratio, is going to work. That's the beauty of this autumnal salad!

It's more of an springboard, some vegan food for thought. Because instead of vegan brie, our camembert (shamembert) or blue cheese would work a treat too. We do think the brie is a winner though - let us know your favourite combo.


¼ small pumpkin,

½ butternut squash,

Olive oil,


Sea salt,

1 onion,

Apple cider vinegar,

1 tsp sugar,

Grains of choice (we used a grain, chestnut & cranberry mix) ,

Salad leaves,

Bree (Vegan Brie),

Salad vinaigrette: https://www.loveandlemons.com/lemon-vinaigrette/,

Finishing touches - dukkah & mint leaves

Pumpkin, Chesnut & Vegan Brie Salad


Start by roasting the squash & pumpkin - we used ¼ small pumpkin and ½ butternut squash. Cover with olive oil, smoked paprika and sea salt and roast for about an hour at 170c.

Next, caramelise your onions - Heat up a healthy amount of olive oil in a pan and once they start to soften, add 1 large tsp sugar, a small glug of apple cider vinegar and sea salt. Cook until soft and caramelised.

Cook your grains as per the instructions - we used a grain, chestnut and cranberry mix for a festive feel, but freekeh or mixed grains would also work well.

Put together your salad. Start with dressed leaves (we used a simple lemon vinaigrette, linked above), and add the grains, pumpkin and squash, slices of bree and finish with dukkah and mint leaves.

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