Jamie Oliver's Spinach Pancakes + Vegan Blue Cheese

4 - 6 | 25 mins

Want something new for breakfast this weekend? We played around with the wonderful Jamie Oliver's super spinach pancakes recently, to demonstrate how easy it is to make them plant-based, with no compromise on taste. It was a few simple switches and unsurprisingly, the addition of our award-winning vegan Blue cheese!

You can use any greens you have instead of spinach, like watercress, rocket or herbs. A little parsley would work a treat with our Garlic & Herb cheese crumbled on top. And you can swap out the cheeses too / pick a chutney that compliments your favourite.


100g plain flour,

200ml plant based milk,

A pinch of salt,

100g spinach,

Honestly Tasty Vegan Blue cheese,

Cherry tomatoes,

Sliced Avocado,

Your favourite sauce or chutney

Jamie Oliver's Spinach Pancakes + Vegan Blue Cheese


Halve, de-stone and slice the avocado. Quarter the tomatoes and add both to a salad bowl with about 25g spinach. Drizzle with a little oil and seasoning.

Whisk together the pancake ingredients. It's your usual crepe mix (you could add an egg replacement) but with 75g spinach blended in...

Get a large non-stick frying pan on the hob, rub it with a little olive oil and heat up... add a thin layer of batter and cook each side for about 2 mins. You know the deal!

Top your super spinach pancakes with chunks of our blue cheese, your salad mix, and something saucy. We went for a plant-based mayo but a pear chutney (like our fig & pear relish!) would work an absolute treat.

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