Herbi Cheese And Green Pea Dip


  • 125g frozen peas, defrosted
  • 50g Herbi
  • 2-3 garlic cloves
  • 70g marinated artichokes, drained
  • Juice of ½ a lemon
  • A large handful of fresh parsley 
  • A generous drizzle of olive oil
  • Salt & pepper to season 


Couldn't be easier! Adde everything to a food processor and whizz up until almost smooth (blend to your liking, we enjoyed it with a little grit). 

Serve on a Spring cheeseboard, with your favourite cheeses, seasonal veg and a selection of things to dip (we went for breadsticks but reckon corn chips and delicious bread should be in the mix too!).


Herbi Cheese & Green Pea Dip
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