Garlic & Herb Cheese On Toast, With Figs

Introducing our easy peasy Honestly Tasty Fig + Garlic & Herb Cheese on Toast, a briliant fusion of sweet and savoury that elevates the simple joy of toast to gourmet status. This easy-to-prepare open toastie features fresh, succulent figs, paired beautifully with Honestly Tasty's Garlic & Herb vegan cheese, all resting atop a perfectly toasted slice of sourdough. The subtle sweetness of agave or vegan honey drizzled over the top complements the creamy richness of the cheese, while a light sprinkle of sea salt enhances the natural flavours of each component.

Are figs vegan?

Yes, figs are a type of fruit and are vegan in the sense that they are a plant-based food. However, there is a nuance that sometimes causes debate among some vegans due to the way some figs are pollinated.

Many fig varieties are pollinated in a mutualistic relationship with a type of wasp called the fig wasp. The female wasp enters the fig through a small opening, often losing her wings and antennae in the process and dies inside. The fig then produces an enzyme that breaks down the wasp's body into protein, which is absorbed by the fig.

For many vegans, this natural process raises ethical concerns about the consumption of figs, considering them not entirely vegan due to the involvement and death of an insect in their production. However, not all figs are pollinated this way; some cultivated varieties do not require pollination by wasps.

Overall, whether or not to include figs in a vegan diet can depend on individual perspectives on this natural interaction between the figs and fig wasps.


Fresh fig

Honestly Tasty Garlic & Herb

Agave / vegan honey

Sprinkle of sea salt


Fig & Herbi on Toast


Another super simple toastie. This one is served open and loaded with fresh figs. Toast up a good slice of sourdough and spread a generous layer of Garlic & Herb vegan cheese across it. Add some sliced fig, a drizzle of agave or vegan honey and a sprinkle of sea salt!

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