Deep Fried Vegan Camembert Bites

1 -2 | 20 mins

Our deep fried vegan camembert bites (which can be shallow fried or air-fried too!) are an indulgent and delicious snack that will convince any doubter that vegan cheese is worth trying. In fact, you might have your plant-based pals doubting you too, we've heard "is it definitely vegan!?" many times with these treats.

Easy to whip up and instantly ready to tuck into, they're a crowd pleaser at parties or as a snack on Christmas day. We love cheeseboard cheese, dinner cheese and cheese for snacking too! 

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1 Vegan Camembert,

1 small slice bread (processed into fine breadcrumbs),

¾ tsp paprika,

2 tbsp ground almonds,

2 tbsp plain flour,

Salt & pepper to season,

1/3 cup cornflour ,

Oil to fry

Deep Fried Shamembert Bites


Chop the Shamembert (our vegan camembert) into 6 pieces. In one bowl, mix together the breadcrumbs, paprika, ground almonds, flour & seasoning. In a sperate bowl, make a cornflour ‘slurry’, mixing 1/3 cup cornflour with 1/3 water.

Dip each piece into the cornflour mixture, then straight in the breadcrumb mixture to coat completely and place on a board ready to fry.

Heat vegetable or sunflower oil in a large frying pan a couple of inches thick. Heat up to about 180c (or until a small piece of bread browns in about 30 seconds).

Add the cheese wedges to the pan (be careful in case the oil spits a little) – and fry for a couple of minutes on each side until both are golden brown. Make sure to keep an eye on them in case they start to leak.

Once well fried, scoop out your cheese wedges carefully and serve with chutney.

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