Brussel Sprouts with garlicky & herb vegan cheese

Brussel sprouts - but make them cheesy! We know that sprouts are divisive and certainly not loved by all but there is no denying that they're festive and 'tis the season after all!! 

If you're tucking into an Honestly Tasty Vegan Cheese Christmas Hamper and you're looking for cheesy ways to enjoy the contents both on and off the board, look beyond vegan charcuterie and grazing plates and explore ways to incorporate cheese into every meal.... and every course 😂. There are so many ways to level up dishes and add extra OOMPH and these roasted Brussel sprouts are no exception. Gone are the days of boiled away veg, roast them and pack them with flavour! Add cranberries to add festiveness and offer a little tang, sweet red onions and a drizzle of maple syrup to balance it out.. and of course - plenty of our plant-based garlic and herb cheese. It's so good that your non vegan pals will think it's too good to be vegan - more fool them!! It's plant-based, packed with taste - and perfect for all this Christmas. So, instead of "the vegan option" down the end of table, create incredible dishes that everyone can share, love and enjoy together. After all, that's what Christmas is all about!


400g Brussel Sprouts

1 Red Onion - sliced

Olive oil – approx. 2 tbsp

Maple Syrup – approx. 1 tbsp

A large palmful of pecans

A large palmful of cranberries - dried

35g (ish) Herbi

Brussel Sprouts with garlicky & herb vegan cheese


Preheat the over at 175c.

Cut the sprouts in half and chop off the end. Add to a roasting tin with chunky slices of red onion. Add olive oil, salt and maple syrup for a little sweetness then toss well.

Roast for around 30 minutes, or until the sprouts are turning golden brown and a little crispy. Meanwhile, toast some pecan nuts (do this by heating up a dry frying pan and adding the pecans, moving them around for a couple of minutes over medium heat to toast gently).

Once the sprouts are done, add the pecans along with your dried cranberries and spoonfuls of herbi dotted over the top!

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