Festive Cheese Wreath

Recreate Emily Styrka's (@embothevego) festive wreath, whether you're setting out a spread for friends and family or enjoying a Christmas-y ✨ girl dinner ✨.  It's super easy, and Honestly Tasty!


Honestly Tasty Pretenslydale

Honestly Tasty Smoked Good-a

Faux Butches deli style meats


Cherry Tomatoes

Baby Gherkins

Fresh Thyme


Festive Cheese Wreath


🍅✂️ Cut the cherry tomatoes in half

🧀✂️ Cut the cheese into cubes, about 2cm squared

🌱 Tear up the vegan meats into thin strips (or slice with a knife!)

🍡 Grab a cocktail stick and alternate adding cheese/meats/olives/gherkins and tomatoes to
them. Check the image for inspo.

🎄 Arrange them on your board in a circle, imitating a festive wreath

🌿 Wash the thyme and place around the circle

🍪 Add crackers decoratively to the middle

Super easy, definitely customizable if one of the ingredients doesn't tickle your fancy (but do keep them green and red for the Christmas vibe!) and will look great on any table this Christmas. 🎅🎁✨

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