Vegan Brie, Cranberry & Fig Toastie

serves 1 | 10 mins

Christmas 2020 and every plant-based one before it saw the huge brie shaped hole in our hearts grow, until October 2021 when we introduced our vegan alternative to Brie! You'd be hard pushed to spot the difference between it and a truffled dairy version so it's a no brainer to pick ours up when you fancy this classic festive combination. 

Nothing marries up quite like brie and cranberries (grapes are pretty great too..) but the sweet, tart berries and rich, creamy cheese are just meant to brie! There, we said it.


Cranberry sauce or alternative chutney of choice,

½ Bree (our vegan brie),

Small handful crushed pecans (optional),

1/2 fig - thinly sliced,

2 large slices of bread,

Vegan Butter for the pan

Bree, Cranberry & Fig Toastie


Place a large knob of vegan butter in a frying pan and melt on a medium heat. Whilst this is heating up layer up your toastie, starting by adding cranberry sauce (or chutney) to one slice of bread, then a few thick slices of Bree, a couple of fig slices and a crumble of pecans. Sandwich the other slice on top and press down.

Add your toastie to the hot pan and place a smaller pan lid on top to add some pressure and nicely crisp the bottom.

After a couple of minutes - once the bottom side is nice, crisp and golden brown - flip it over and repeat to crisp up the other side too before slicing and eating!

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  • Bree

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