Katy Beskow's Ultimate Vegan Cheeseboard

We spoke to the lovely Katy Beskow, author of Easy Vegan Christmas (Quadrille £22) about how to create the ultimate cheeseboard with Honestly Tasty!

"Chutneys are delicious for adding sweetness and tang your cheeseboard. I love caramelised onion, green tomato or smoky chilli chutney, but feel free to step outside of the box and serve seasonal fruits instead of chutney. Jammy figs, blackberries and pears are delicious with Honestly Tasty’s Blue, or for an unexpected twist serve with cherries or slices of watermelon.

Crackers are an essential part of any cheeseboard, perfect for crunch, extra layers of flavour and for spreading soft cheese like Honestly Tasty’s Garlic and Herb. Serve a selection of your favourite vegan crackers, whether they’re simple water crackers or gourmet sourdough crackers, or try my recipe for pumpkin seed and black pepper crackers. Sesame seed grissini are also great for casually dipping into creamy-style cheese, if you like.

Break the rules! Serve the vegan cheeses with all the extras you like, from pickled vegetables, to olives, grated truffle, hummus, and even a drizzle of maple syrup. I love to include a portion of toasted hazelnuts, to bring out the naturally nutty flavours in vegan cheese. Serve alongside Honestly Tasty’s Bree for added texture, and a moreish, toasted flavour. Serve Bree in wedges, with a
knife for generous slicing.

If the idea of creating a whole cheeseboard feels too much, keep it simple and serve a warm. Honestly Tasty Shamembert with slices of tiger bread, or freshly baked doughballs. I love to bake Shamembert with a sprig of rosemary for a wintery aroma, and serve alongside dried apricots.

If you happen to have any leftovers, don’t let them go to waste. Bake them into the ultimate no- waste vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, or stuff into toasted tortillas with a salsa made from leftover pickles and nuts.
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