Christmas Leftovers - Bubble & Squeak

An in between Christmas and New Year special!

No recipe for this one, it's super easy and honestly tasty. After the inevitable chaos of Christmas, when everyone wants to lounge around - there are leftovers. And there's probably some cheese too! 

Heat a little oil in a shallow pan and gently fry any pre-cooked and leftover veg. You could air-fry these too (who doesn't have an air-fryer this year?!). Use potatoes and other root veg.

In a pan (the same pan if you don't use the air-fryer) toss in potatoes and stir into the veg. You want to crush up the roast potatoes or use mashed ones. 

Spread over the base of your pan (use a pan small enough for this to work) and create an almost pancake like / potato cake. Let at least a little of the potato start to stick to the pan - that's where the name bubble and squeak comes from apparently... so give it a little time, without letting it burn! 

Do both sides and then wriggle out into a bowl and add your leftover cheese. We used Blue but any will add some oomph.

Christmas Leftovers - Bubble & Squeak


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