As a general rule, our deliveries are sent out Monday - Wednesday for delivery Tuesday - Thursday, please check your confirmation email to see which date you selected. While we are finding our feet and with the difficulties surrounding corona virus, this is subject to change.

Veganzola - 12 days
Shamembert - 12 days
Insteaddah Cheddah - 12 days
Porcini Spread - 10 days

 All of our cheeses and spreads can be frozen for up to 3 months.

None of our cheese contains gluten.

All of our cheese contains nuts.

Yes, they do indeed. Please keep all our cheeses in the fridge.

While we have attempted to use plastic free packaging - using a fully compostable sustainably sourced wood pulp instead- over the last few weeks we have had several issues with the material breaking down due to the high moisture content of out products, damaging the product and reducing its best before date, by over half in some cases. Therefore, at the moment we have had to return to using cellophane to wrap our products. However, we continue to look for the best and most responsible packaging for the environment and our cheeses!

Yes! Our cheeses are vegan right down the cultures.

We donate 2% of our sales - this is split between Dean Farm Animal Trust and Farm Animal Sanctuary, and some to planting trees - check out their websites for more information on how they help animals rescued from the dairy industry.

 Here, just imagine me, a bored looking woman, rolling her eyes