Your cheesy delivery should arrive on the date picked at the checkout, if it hasn't (which is probably why you're asking) please drop our customer service a line at support@honestlytasty.co.uk

Veganzola - 12 days

Shamembert - 12 days

Insteaddah Cheddah - 12 days

Herbivoursin - 10 days

 All of our cheeses and spreads can be frozen for up to 3 months. 

Shamemberts should be cooked straight from frozen (22 mins at 180 degrees)

None of our cheese contains gluten.

All of our cheese contains nuts.

Yes, they do indeed. Please keep all our cheeses in the fridge.

Currently, our Shamembert, Insteaddahcheddah, and Herbivoursin are wrapped in commercially compostable wrapping made from renewable plant material. 

Our Veganzola is packaged in recyclable trays, made from at least 80% recyclable plastic. The film is not recyclable.  

Yes! Our cheeses are vegan right down the cultures.

We donate 2% of our sales to Dean Farm Animal Trust. They look after and give forever homes to unwanted pets, neglect and abuse cases, animals rescued from slaughter, other charities and abandoned animals. 

 Here, just imagine me, a bored looking woman, rolling her eyes